MSMP Pulse Fall 2017: General information, resources and contact information

Aloha MSMP mentees!

Attached you will find the Fall edition of our MSMP newsletter. This edition is focused on providing everyone with some resources so that you can all start to plan your pre-medical journey.
A couple words about the newsletter:
  • Its super long, we know! There is no need to finish it all quickly, and some sections might not be relevant to you, depending on your stage of your education
  • This is not required reading, it is only there to help you learn!
  • Your mentors will get a copy, so feel free to talk to them about it, but keep in mind that they may not have used a given resource very much
  • THE ADVICE WE GIVE HERE SHOULD NOT BE — USED AS A “CHECKLIST” OF HOW TO GET INTO MEDICAL SCHOOL. Yes, the point is that these things will help, but there is no formula of how to get in. Always focus on you as a person and do whatever you can to encourage your own professional and personal growth!
  • There will be 4 newsletters going out this year, so keep an eye out. This is the first, and there is a rough schedule in the newsletter itself
  • Make sure to check out the back two pages, since there is some very helpful information there!
Be on the lookout for an invitation to our next MSMP event, the Suturing Workshop on November 11th, which will be coming soon!
If any of you have any questions about this document or anything MSMP related (such as your recent mentor matches), don’t be afraid to send us an email!
Much love,
MSMP Executive Board
Download our newsletter here: MSMPNewsletterFall2017

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