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Previous Events on Oahu, the Big Island, and Maui

Below are a list of events we host throughout the year. Click on the event to read more about it!

Fall Semester


Annual Medical Student Mixer & JABSOM Tour

Each year, this is always the very first event of the year.

Both medical students and pre-medical students are invited to attend this event, and it is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about MSMP and JABSOM!

It is a great opportunity for everyone to mingle, enjoy good food, and possibly where people can find their future mentors and mentees. Medical students take mentees on a tour of our humble abode that is JABSOM and answer any questions they may have about student life and resources.

Gross Anatomy Lab

Take a tour of the gross anatomy lab at JABSOM and see real organs and cadavers.

Mentors will introduce the various organs of the body to mentees and teach some interesting facts about anatomy.

Community Health Fair

The community health fair features various local health organizations.  Mentees may visit the fair to learn more about the organizations and ways to get involved through volunteering, etc.

Vital Signs and Physical Exam Workshop

Medical students teach mentees how to measure vital signs (temperature, pulse, respiratory rate, blood pressure).

For the physical examination portion, Dr. Sakai is invited to instruct students on listening to heart and lung sounds. This event also allows mentees to work in the clinical skills laboratory used by medical students throughout their years at JABSOM.


Spring Semester


Problem-Based Learning Demonstration

Mentees are able to participate in a fun PBL demo lead by mentors.  PBL is a major component of JABSOM’s curriculum and one of the many things that make JABSOM unique.

Medical Specialties Seminars

Mentees are invited to meet doctors from various specialties.  This is a great opportunity to gain exposure to different specialties and help you decide what path you are interested in!

Suturing Workshop

Mentees are invited to learn and practice their suturing skills – an essential skill in surgery.  Suturing has been taught by mentors as well as doctors in the past.

Medical School Application, Interview, and Personal Statement Workshop

GREAT for those who are applying or about to apply!  Learn how to fill out the AMCAS application, write a great personal statement and ace your medical school interview!


Other Activities

Throughout the year, we also provide other activities that can be enjoyed by both mentors and mentees.

  • Social fundraisers
  • Medical student panels
  • Attend joint community service events with JABSOM students
  • Attend joint workshops with JABSOM student interest groups